Compliance, Security, Integrity

Built from the ground up with security and compliance at the forefront, SLI’s systems and processes utilize technically sophisticated protections that are maintained by our expert on-staff InfoSec professionals and are regularly audited to help ensure data is kept safe to the highest standards at all times.

Advanced, industry-leading end-to-end encryption protects data in transfer, at rest, and in backup and physical security methods are strictly enforced. SLI maintains current ssae 16 attestations, meets PCI, GLBA, FISMA security compliance mandates and the strictest of industry security governance programs.

In order to help deliver the best client experience possible, our top credentialed team of security specialists and process experts work together to maintain the highest level of data security while designing custom tailored solutions so it is possible to provide a smooth and secure launch and perfect fit for our valued client’s specific environmental requirements.

Why Outsource?

Research shows that companies who outsource with an established subrogation program recover on more claims on average and achieve higher net recoveries than those that do not. Outsourcing can position the engaged company  at a strategic advantage over their competition, reaping a cascade of other business benefits including:

  • Lowering SG&A (Selling, General and Administrative Expenses) growth by 2.9% versus the industry average
  • Streamline claim filings and reporting
  • Clear backlogs, improving cash flow
  • Flexibility to scale
  • Reduce overall transaction costs

Widely recognized as the leading business solution utilized for effectively reducing operating expenses, outsourcing has matured into a necessary resource in the contemporary business landscape. Allowing companies to focus on their core competencies and select in-house claims handling processes, while leveraging the efficiency, processes and technology of the outsource provider. These results amplifying business benefits help poise an engaged company at a significant advantage over their unengaged competition.

Why SecondLook?

Fundamentally committed to excellence and with a deeply client-centric approach, SLI is dedicated to maximizing our valued clients’ subrogation recoveries year-over-year. We are the industry leader in claim recoveries in terms of net dollars recovered and are proud to extend our hard-earned intellectual capital to help significantly improve your working capital. Our approach is simple, provide best-in-class performance by empowering our subrogation experts with cutting-edge technology and a solutions-based consultancy mindset. It is upon this foundation that SLI has established as our dominance as Preferred Partner servicing nearly 80% of the Insurance Industry by revenue.

  • Client-centric customized solutions
  • Expert subrogation specialists
  • Insurer exclusivity
  • Increase recovery
  • Reduces frequency and severity of losses
  • Increase collected to pay dollars
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Customized reporting
  • Convenient and transparent client portal
  • Customized remit schedule
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve cash flow


As the industries premiere full service subrogation firm, SecondLook provides the deepest and most comprehensive service catalog available.

Experts in all aspects of insurance related recoveries, SLI develops innovative custom solutions that help our clients maximise their recoveries and realise new revenue goals. We are the claims recovery authority excelling in outsourcing, arbitration, claims management, uninsured motorists, file reviews, and earned premium recoveries.

SLI developed solutions generate consistent experiences for our client’s and their customers. Driven by our fundamental commitment to excellence and a client-centric approach, SLI tracks efficiency, effectiveness, profitability, quality and other key performance indicators as part of our continuous improvement program. The status quo is not an option, SLI strives to deliver significant year-over-year growth as we continually improve and refine processes to best serve our valued clients.

SecondLook is a Preferred Partner servicing valued clients that make up 80% of the Insurance Industry by revenue.

Our Team

Uniquely positioned to give our clients’ the leading advantage, the SecondLook Team is comprised of highly skilled insurance experts with specific claim experience and industry shaping thought-leaders.

Contributing the reduction of case turnaround time and disputed claim-handling costs for the insurance industry as a whole, SecondLook is one of a select few service providers with active panelist that hear cases for Arbitration Forums (AF), a vital force that makes the Intercompany Arbitration process possible.

Legal staff exercise prudent risk identification, mitigation and negotiation duties. Licensed Adjusters thoroughly appraise damages, efficiently prepare claim documentation and with a sagacious proficiency, assemble estimates.

Executing dynamic investigative and fact finding techniques, the SLI Insurance Field Investigation Team gathers evidence and conduct detailed investigations related to suspicious losses and organized crime. Utilizing SLI’s processes, people and technology, our clients generate millions of dollars in added working capital to their bottom line.


Through significant technological investment into our advanced proprietary systems, SecondLook is proud to provide our valued subrogation clients transparency, efficiency, and unsurpassed value-add features.

Expanding upon our purpose-built claims systems, ensuring a technological advantage to our valued clients, SLI’s IT R&D is a continual process. Utilizing machine learning and expert-developed protocols, SLI develops breakthroughs such as targeted intelligent automation, best-in-class file handling volumes, outcome and prioritization algorithms, seamless client interfaces, and state of the art data security.

  • Turnkey on-boarding
  • Management level reporting
  • Expert IT support
  • Realtime claim tracking
  • Realtime claim submission
  • Full record storage (claims, images, etc.)
  • Automated file submission
  • Truly transparent recovery lifecycle
  • Automated statute of limitations compliance

Convenient. Transparent.

Convenience and transparency are mandatory. Engaging with SLI is a turnkey process. Our inhouse project management office utilizes the unique needs of the client and and identifies recommended measurable project objectives and necessary criteria for success. These criteria, compiled with best-practices recommendations, risks summary, milestone schedule and budget. After receiving stakeholder approval, a dedicated project manager is assigned to the on-boarding project to ensure the smoothest golive possible.

With this high level of control and accountability, the average SLI on-boarding is completed in less than 30 days.

After the engagement is in the run stage, SLi provides the tools necessary to keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Our online access portal makes maintaining the visibility and control you desire a breeze. From submitting claims to tracking the lifecycle of your claims from the start to completion.

Conveniently log into the SLI access portal to review the up to the minute status and updates regarding your company’s claims. Contact our adjustors directly with questions and file updates as needed, when it best suits your schedule.

Truly full service

As the industries premiere full service subrogation firm, Second Look provides the deepest and most comprehensive service catalog available.

We understand the importance of providing intuitive, effective business processes and systems as well as aligning our subrogation strategies to the overall success of our clients’ business.

Experts in all aspects of insurance related recoveries, SLI develops innovative custom solutions that help our clients maximise their recoveries and realise new revenue goals.

We specialize in pushing insurance related outsourcing into new levels of efficiency and prosperity. Our comprehensive service offerings include: arbitration management, claims management, uninsured motorists, file reviews, and earned premium recoveries.

Our fundamental commitment to excellence and client-centric approach has secured Second Look as a Preferred Partner servicing valued clients which make up 80% of the Insurance Industry by revenue.


National Association of Subrogation Professionals

Arbitration Forums Inc.

Better Business Bureau